Introducing my new line of invitations: SuperNovum

I’m so excited to announce that my new line of nostalgic/geeky/fun invitations, under the name SuperNovum, is now open for business!  Ever since my 3D laptop invitations for my son’s birthday as well as the superhero invitations for a company picnic were done, people have been telling me I need to get in on this niche market, so I decided to pursue this new line of invitations with a few awesome and creative buddies of mine.  I really couldn’t have done this without them!  There are still a few minor kinks on the website that need to be fixed/updated, but it’s ready to receive orders.  Check it out at, and read the awesome invitation descriptions!


This invitation might look familiar as it is one of the top results of a Google search on “nerdy invitations.”  Thanks to my talented friend and main designer, Larry Quach, it’s now available for purchase!




And here’s one of my designs that was inspired by my love of music which started at a very young age growing up in the 80s.  My brother used to record my sister and I singing pop songs on audio cassettes using his boombox…brings back those good ol’ memories!  The invite wording is inside the cassette which is a folded card, and notice how the magnetic tape is tangled inside.  =)

Please spread the word and share our website with your friends and family!  Thanks!!!


Breaking Bad Finale: Viewing Party Favors!

We had a last minute “Breaking Bad” viewing party and I just had to make party favors since there was no time for invitations!  I found some inspiration from a blogger and even printed their “Venezia’s” pizza box label: BAKIN’ BIT.  I already had pizza boxes on hand so I decided to go with those for the packaging instead of the obvious “Los Pollos Hermanos” paper bags.  If I had more time, I would have gone all out with decorations and Heisenberg hats for everyone, but I never have enough time for anything nowadays!



I made the blue meth by crushing blue lollipops.  I printed the magnets on card stock, mounted them on magnet sheets, and cut them.  The “Better Call Saul” stickers were printed on regular shipping labels and laminated with clear shipping tape.  The “Schraderbrau” labels on the mini beer bottles were made the same way.  I couldn’t resist the idea of putting the tighty whities in the box, so I put them in!


It’s so hard to say goodbye to one of my favorite TV shows of all time.  It had a great ending, though.  I’m glad my husband got me into watching it…I didn’t even start watching until this year!

Chau & Igor’s Wedding: Peas & Carrots!

2013-07-26-Chau-&-Igor's-Wedding-Details-0035 Isn’t that a super unique and cute wedding theme?  This was Chau’s request (my sister-in-law).  Igor and I collaborated on the design of their wedding paper suite to incorporate the ‘peas and carrots’ theme with a clean and modern feel and a touch of elegance. I also had the honor of being their wedding planner as well.  And as a guest, it was one of the most happiest and fun weddings I’ve ever attended!2013-07-26-Chau-&-Igor's-Wedding-Details-0030

This was a DIY wedding where the Bride made the centerpieces, favors, some of the boutonnieres, and the photo and sweets table backdrop.2013-07-26-Chau-&-Igor's-Wedding-Details-0051

The party favors were peas and carrots candies in baby food jars…too adorable!2013-07-26-Chau-&-Igor's-Wedding-Details-0058

I also designed and set up the sweets table.  The frame for the backdrop was handmade by the bride’s father (my father-in-law), and we decorated it with the paper lanterns.  I think it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself!2013-07-26-Chau-&-Igor's-Wedding-Details-0083



Photography by Ning Wong Photography.

Superhero Invitations for a Superhero-Themed Company Picnic!

I designed some invitations for a company picnic honoring the “superheroes” on their team…just mailed out today!  This is a sneak peek of my new line of “geeky” invitations that I’m currently working on, called SuperNovum.  I’m super excited about it!!!

UPDATE: is up and running!

DSC00586DSC00591 DSC00590



I snapped a few quick photos of the event.  Here’s how the snack table turned out:

bigSaveHungBackup 508

The guest table had “skyscrapers” lined up in the middle and custom swag bags were set at each place setting.

bigSaveHungBackup 510

Wish I took more and better pics!


Our Editorial in Modèle Weddings Magazine!!!


Our Victorian-inspired styled shoot is featured in the current issue of Modèle Weddings Magazine on shelves now at your local Barnes & Noble (and other retail outlets)!  It’s an amazing feeling to see our work on print and in reputable stores!  This shoot was planned and coordinated by our sister company, Avec Toi Events, and we designed all the paper goods and styled the sweets table.  Why the sweets table, you ask?  We’ve been hired to style dessert tables for weddings of some good friends before but we’re still pondering the idea of officially adding it to our list of services.  By the way, those cupcakes could not have looked so beautiful without the help of Stephanie Lam from Stephanie Lam Desserts!


We’re placed right under ELIZABETH MESSINA’s book review…..OMG!!!!


And here’s Avec Toi’s quarter-page ad.  Contact them for a consultation!

Celebrating Love and Sweets


If I had the time, I would totally be baking lots of goodies today, but that won’t be happening.  =/  Instead, I’ll just drool over this mini cupcake topped with raspberry whipped cream and blueberries drizzled with raspberry sauce that I made a while back.  These were quite delightful if I do say so myself!  Have a heartwarming and sweet day, everyone!

Geektastic Computer & 3D Birthday Invitations and Party

I haven’t finished handing and mailing these out yet, but I just couldn’t wait to share my latest project!  These are my son’s birthday party invitations with a computer geek theme.  I couldn’t have done this without my awesome Silhouette Cameo!



The invitation was complete with a pair of anaglyph 3D glasses.



The “laptop screen” displays a photo where I made Dex in 3D along with all the party details.



UPDATE: These invites are now available for purchase at!

AND HERE ARE SOME PHOTOS OF THE EPIC PARTY (which was featured on the Hostess with the Mostess blog)!!!

This was my husband’s genius idea…the MOTHERBOARD…a board covered in photos of all the attending mommies and their kiddos!


The buffet table consisted of some “byte-sized” foods.



Everyone ate out of the laptop boxes.



The edible party favors.


The sweets spread.


Everything on the sweets table was named with computer-related terms.

DSC_0173 DSC_0169 DSC_0168 DSC_0160 DSC_0156 DSC_0153

Even the water was geektastic!


I think Dex loved his party!  Now I have to figure out how I’m going to top this party for my second born.  6 more months to go!