Introducing my new line of invitations: SuperNovum

I’m so excited to announce that my new line of nostalgic/geeky/fun invitations, under the name SuperNovum, is now open for business!  Ever since my 3D laptop invitations for my son’s birthday as well as the superhero invitations for a company picnic were done, people have been telling me I need to get in on this niche market, so I decided to pursue this new line of invitations with a few awesome and creative buddies of mine.  I really couldn’t have done this without them!  There are still a few minor kinks on the website that need to be fixed/updated, but it’s ready to receive orders.  Check it out at, and read the awesome invitation descriptions!


This invitation might look familiar as it is one of the top results of a Google search on “nerdy invitations.”  Thanks to my talented friend and main designer, Larry Quach, it’s now available for purchase!




And here’s one of my designs that was inspired by my love of music which started at a very young age growing up in the 80s.  My brother used to record my sister and I singing pop songs on audio cassettes using his boombox…brings back those good ol’ memories!  The invite wording is inside the cassette which is a folded card, and notice how the magnetic tape is tangled inside.  =)

Please spread the word and share our website with your friends and family!  Thanks!!!


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