Breaking Bad Finale: Viewing Party Favors!

We had a last minute “Breaking Bad” viewing party and I just had to make party favors since there was no time for invitations!  I found some inspiration from a blogger and even printed their “Venezia’s” pizza box label: BAKIN’ BIT.  I already had pizza boxes on hand so I decided to go with those for the packaging instead of the obvious “Los Pollos Hermanos” paper bags.  If I had more time, I would have gone all out with decorations and Heisenberg hats for everyone, but I never have enough time for anything nowadays!



I made the blue meth by crushing blue lollipops.  I printed the magnets on card stock, mounted them on magnet sheets, and cut them.  The “Better Call Saul” stickers were printed on regular shipping labels and laminated with clear shipping tape.  The “Schraderbrau” labels on the mini beer bottles were made the same way.  I couldn’t resist the idea of putting the tighty whities in the box, so I put them in!


It’s so hard to say goodbye to one of my favorite TV shows of all time.  It had a great ending, though.  I’m glad my husband got me into watching it…I didn’t even start watching until this year!


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