Chau & Igor’s Wedding: Peas & Carrots!

2013-07-26-Chau-&-Igor's-Wedding-Details-0035 Isn’t that a super unique and cute wedding theme?  This was Chau’s request (my sister-in-law).  Igor and I collaborated on the design of their wedding paper suite to incorporate the ‘peas and carrots’ theme with a clean and modern feel and a touch of elegance. I also had the honor of being their wedding planner as well.  And as a guest, it was one of the most happiest and fun weddings I’ve ever attended!2013-07-26-Chau-&-Igor's-Wedding-Details-0030

This was a DIY wedding where the Bride made the centerpieces, favors, some of the boutonnieres, and the photo and sweets table backdrop.2013-07-26-Chau-&-Igor's-Wedding-Details-0051

The party favors were peas and carrots candies in baby food jars…too adorable!2013-07-26-Chau-&-Igor's-Wedding-Details-0058

I also designed and set up the sweets table.  The frame for the backdrop was handmade by the bride’s father (my father-in-law), and we decorated it with the paper lanterns.  I think it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself!2013-07-26-Chau-&-Igor's-Wedding-Details-0083



Photography by Ning Wong Photography.


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